how to clean hemp shoes

How to Clean Hemp Shoes the Right Way

Did you know that the cannabis plant is useful not just for consumption but also for making clothing? Hemp shoes are a wonderfully popular item that's environmentally friendly, healthy, and stylish. But how do you care for these relatively fragile accessories?

If you're curious about hemp footwear, we're happy to help guide you. Read on to learn how to clean hemp shoes the safe way. We'll also discuss some of the common mistakes you'll want to avoid to make sure you don't damage your shoes.

Proper Maintenance

There are several factors that go into caring for your hemp slip-on shoes that you may not expect. If you treat your hemp sole shoes the same way that you treat typical sneakers, they won't last long. Here are some of the most critical steps to proper hemp shoe maintenance.

Drying Correctly

If you wash your shoes, there's a high chance you've used water. Whether you've rinsed them in a sink or tossed them into your washer makes little difference. Once they're wet, the drying process is the same.

When drying your shoes, don't toss them into the dryer and call it a day. Doing so will quickly ruin your hemp shoes. The heat can damage the fabric or cause it to shrink.

Instead, you should air dry your hemp shoes. Hang them in a dry, well-ventilated area. A den or an outdoor patio will do.

You should also ensure the air is moving. If you're indoors, consider putting a small box fan to blow the moisture away. Outside, make sure they're not somewhere where the wind can't reach them.

Another important detail is to make sure they aren't drying in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will damage the fabric and fade the dye.

Soft Ironing

When you're washing your hemp shoes, you may find a few wrinkles. If you decide to iron your shoes to remove the wrinkles from the fabric, exercise caution.

You should have your iron at the lowest temperature possible. Make sure it's just warm enough to get the wrinkles out. Hemp burns and scorches at a lower temperature than others and has difficulty resisting heat.

Ensure you aren't scorching your hemp shoes. Burning a hole through them with an iron can render them useless. Instead, consider steaming at a distance.

Gentle Washing

Finally, when it comes to washing your shoes, you shouldn't just toss them in the washer.

The hemp fabric is more sensitive than others. As such, harsh washing cycles can quickly damage them. A few washes can render your shoes unwearable either through damage or shrinkage.

Furthermore, you should always use cold water and a soft cycle. Hand-washing is better for the purposes of being soft, but if you prefer a washer, use the gentlest cycle you have available.

Mistakes to Avoid

Now that we know some of the techniques for washing your shoes, what should we avoid? There are multiple common mistakes that will ruin your shoes faster than you can put them on. Here are four mistakes beginners make when figuring out how to clean hemp shoes.

Avoid Hot Water

Heat is the biggest enemy to your hemp shoes. As such, you'll need to avoid warm and hot water while washing your shoes.

You should use cold water to make sure you don't damage the shoes. You also run the risk of making the dye or any design fade with hot water.

The water doesn't need to be icy. Room temperature should suit your shoes just fine.

If you're using a washing machine, make sure it's turned to the lowest temperature. Handwashing in a tub or the sink should be done with chilly or lukewarm water. If you're worried the water may be too hot, don't use it.

Don't Dry in High Heat

The risk of heat won't stop when you're done washing them. The drying process needs to be completed without excess heat.

For some, this may pose an annoyance or a difficulty. How can you dry them without heat?

Air drying with a box fan indoors in a cool, dry space is your best bet. Hang them from a hanger or position them somewhere easy to blow a fan on.

If you opt to dry them outside, don't do so on an exceptionally hot day. High summer temperatures may have enough heat to shrink or ruin your shoes.

No Harsh Chemicals

If you're spot cleaning your shoes, you may be tempted to use cleaners. Harsh chemicals like bleach or many other cleaners can eat through the fabric.

A part of hemp shoe care is ensuring you keep these harsh chemicals far away from your shoes. Use gentle soaps or simple water, depending on what you're washing out. Using these methods will keep your shoes together for much longer.


Finally, overwashing poses a considerable threat to your shoes. If you're used to hardier clothing, you may expect your shoes to take as many washes as necessary.

Did you recently wear them to an outdoor event and get them dirty? You may not want to wash them immediately.

Washing your hemp shoes too often can cause the fabric to fall apart. Cleaning vegan shoes isn't as crucial as it is for other materials. You should wash your shoes sparingly and only if they truly need it.

If you're spot cleaning or getting a stain off, disregard this advice. For overwashing, we only mean deep cleaning them on a regular basis. While you should make sure they're clean, you won't need to clean them weekly, or even monthly.

How to Clean Hemp Shoes

Figuring out how to clean hemp shoes is one of the easiest parts of owning your new kicks. Look into the different types of hemp shoes to make sure you're practicing the right techniques. Cleaning vegan shoes doesn't take much practice, so don't be intimidated.

For more information on cleaning vegan shoes and hemp shoe care, be sure to browse the rest of our extensive site.