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What Are the Benefits of Wearing Organic Hemp Shoes?

When you're buying new footwear, there are a lot of things to consider. But if you haven't thought about the sustainability of your shoes, it might be time to start. 

Roughly 90 percent of shoes end up in the landfill. As shoe consumption increases, the quality of footwear has decreased. This means more shoes are ending up in the trash rather than being passed on, and some take 1000 years to decompose.

You won't have to worry about that if you purchase organic hemp shoes. Hemp is bio-degradable, meaning it will break down naturally after you dispose of it. It's also one of the fastest-growing renewable materials.

But sustainability isn't the only thing hemp shoes offer. In this article, we will discuss the many reasons you should think about buying hemp footwear. Read on to hear the benefits of wearing hemp shoes.

Organic Hemp Shoes Are Eco-Friendly

You can wear organic hemp shoes with pride, knowing that you aren't harming the planet with toxins or unnecessary waste.

Hemp is cultivated quickly—taking roughly 120 days to grow. It doesn't require harmful chemicals like pesticides or fertilizer. It also requires minimal water to thrive. 

While other common shoe materials like polyurethane and leather release fossil fuels and take a long time to break down, hemp shoe fibers break down naturally. They won't contribute to waste. 

Shoes made out of hemp are exceptional vegan footwear options. No animal products are used in the manufacturing of hemp clothing.

If you're looking for shoes that will not have harmful effects on the environment, hemp footwear might be for you.

An Organic Hemp Shoe Is a High-Quality

Although organic hemp shoes can be a bit costly, they are worth the extra expense. The quality of hemp shoes is high—offering great value to consumers. The stitching used in hemp shoes makes them strong and durable.

The shoes are resistant to UV rays, so consumers don't have to worry about fading. Hemp shoes are also water-resistant, so you won't need to worry if they get wet.

How to Clean Hemp Shoes

Organic hemp shoes are easy to wash. 

For small stains or blemishes, use a soft shoe brush, toothbrush, or cloth to apply a mixture of warm water and soap. Wring out any excess water or rinse the shoe with clean water.

If you're soaking the shoe, you can stuff it with a towel or sock to help absorb moisture and allow the shoe to retain its original form. Then, leave the shoe out to air dry. 

Never use hot water, as this can cause the hemp fiber to shrink. 

Hemp Fibers Create Fashionable Shoes

If you pay attention to the trends, you will see that shoes made from hemp are fashion-forward. They can be worn in a variety of settings, whether you're creating a casual look or something semi-formal.

Men's hemp shoes and women's hemp shoes come in a variety of styles. If you look around, you can find everything from hemp slip-on shoes to hemp skate shoes.

As far as brands go, Sanuk hemp shoes are popular, particularly for those looking for men's hemp slip-on shoes. But Nike and Van's hemp shoes have also been a hit.

Shoes of Hemp Are Fair-Trade

Hemp shoes aren't just sustainable. They are ethical.

Farmers who help grow and harvest hemp are paid fair wages for their work. You can feel confident that you are buying fair-trade shoes.

Hemp Shoes Are Good for Your Feet

Hemp is made with a CBD compound. That compound contains anti-bacterial properties. As a result, organic hemp shoes act as anti-bacterial footwear.

You can keep your feet clean and fresh when you wear hemp shoes. A hemp shoe prevents foul odors from forming and decreases the likelihood of foot fungus and other foot problems.

The material also acts as a natural repellent for insects and pests like ticks and mosquitos. So you can add a layer of protection to your feet if you're spending time outdoors.

Hemp sole shoes are strong and supportive. They are versatile and suitable for many surfaces, indoors and outdoors.

Organic hemp shoes are also good for sensitive skin. Hemp is a hypoallergenic material, free of toxins. It is dyed with all-natural ingredients instead of using unnatural products.

Shoes Made of Hemp Are Comfortable

Hemp shoes are known for their superior comfort. The fibers of hemp are soft and retain moisture making the material even softer after it's been washed.

As a material, hemp is breathable, allowing for air to flow freely when you're wearing a hemp shoe. You will avoid sweat or moisture and stay dry and comfortable.

It's easy to regulate your temperature in hemp shoes. The material traps in warmth and keeps the cold out. 

Hemp shoes are lightweight making them an ideal choice of shoe, particularly if you plan to stand for a long time or walk a far distance.

For additional comfort, consumers can purchase CBD insoles or foot wraps which release healthy doses of CBD to treat sore, tired feet. The wrap will moisturize dry or cracked feet. Meanwhile, the insoles are so comfortable you can opt to go barefoot in your shoes.

Enjoy the Benefits of Hemp Shoes

If you've been looking for a more sustainable option for footwear, it's time to consider trying organic hemp shoes.

Wearing shoes made from hemp is good for your feet, your wardrobe, the environment, and other living beings. So you can wear your shoes proudly, knowing they won't take years to decompose in a landfill.

If you're thinking of trying hemp shoes, consider buying from our team at FootHemp. Claim 20 percent off your first order today, and let's change your carbon footprint!