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How Hemp Sole Shoes Can Improve Your Balance

It's estimated that up to 87% of people will have issues with painful feet. Some of this is due to aging, while the types of shoes you wear can also have a huge impact on this.

Shoes have a great impact on your life and how you feel. Shoes impact your balance, which affects your entire body and how you feel throughout the day.

This is why hemp sole shoes are becoming more popular. They provide a more natural option that is better for your balance and your foot health.

Keep reading to find out how hemp sole shoes help with your balance.

Benefits of Hemp Sole Shoes

One of the most sustainable materials on the earth is hemp. It is widely available and provides a great deal of comfort.

FootHemp provides CBD soles that have been infused with hemp. This slowly releases micro-doses through the soles of your feet throughout the day.

These are ethical shoe soles that can be custom-made and added to your shoes. This is the perfect option if you are often on your feet and struggle with pain.

Keep in mind that hemp is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. So these soles will also have an odor-controlling ability throughout the day.

Keep reading to find out the many benefits of hemp sole shoes and balance.

Better Balance

One of the main benefits of hemp sole inserts is shock absorption. This helps with your balance as you are walking and standing.

Insoles are part of the shoe that absorbs the most shock from the ground. Instances of high shock absorption would include running or jumping.

This shock is what contributes to a great deal of foot pain. It can also throw you off balance and impact the rest of your body.

The best inserts for shoes are hemp inserts that provide plenty of pain relief and support. They reduce stress on your feet, allowing you to walk securely.

This shock absorption also helps with athletic activities. For instance, if you are playing basketball or running, you would want these inserts to help absorb the shock.

This will give you better balance so that you can focus on the activity at hand. Your feet will also be in much better condition if you are regularly active.

More Comfortable

The main reason why people use sneaker inserts is for comfort. These provide an extra cushion for your feet to reduce foot pain.

This helps to reduce the shock on your feet and provides a cushion for your pressure points. Insoles help to reduce soreness and foot fatigue over the course of the day.

Hemp sole shoes are able to do this and even more. They have natural pain relieving abilities from the hemp material, giving you natural pain relief as you wear them.

Better Posture

Adding hemp inserts can also help you achieve better posture. This is something that the majority of people struggle with since it is too easy to slouch during the day.

The problem is that poor posture has a variety of side effects. This includes things like back problems, neck pain, and headaches.

Insoles help to provide support for your feet so that your weight is evenly distributed. This will help you with your balance so that you can focus on standing straight.

Another benefit of insoles is that they align your feet and ankles. This in turn will help to align your hips, knees, and spine.

This is why insoles are particularly recommended for those with flat feet or high arches.

Less Joint Pain

One of the biggest complaints among people is joint pain in their feet. This is a serious problem since everyone has to wear shoes for the majority of the day.

Being on your feet most of the day is already quite taxing. Let alone when you are also wearing relatively restrictive footwear.

Hemp insoles help to reduce joint pain as they naturally release CBD into the bottoms of your feet. This produces a pain-relieving effect as you wear these insoles.

The extra cushioning that is provided also helps with pain. Your feet will be more comfortable and there won’t be as much of a strain on your foot joints.

A lot of the time, joint pain can be linked back to the shock as you move around. The shock-absorbing benefits of insoles help to reduce this, reducing overall pain.


Insoles have the ability to withstand a lot of daily wear and tear. This is important if you plan on using these hemp insoles for day-to-day use for better comfort.

They are made with high-quality materials that are easy to maintain for a long time. This makes them a very cost-effective option when taking care of your feet.

Using insoles will also help to preserve the life of your shoes. Your feet won’t be making direct contact with the actual insole of your sneakers.

This reduces wear and tear as well as odors from developing. If your insoles wear out after a few years, all you have to do is buy replacements.

Hemp Sole Shoes: Why They Are the Better Option

If you want better balance, you may want to consider hemp sole shoes. These are sole inserts infused with CBD to provide natural pain relief and support.

They help to stabilize your feet and absorb shock so that you can focus on your posture.

Are you interested in buying hemp inserts? Contact us today at FootHemp to see our CBD insoles.