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Is Vegan Footwear Durable?

Shoes are intended for walking, so a little wear and tear is only natural. What do you do when you've hiked, skated, or danced a hole through the sole of your favorite sneakers? 

The odds are good that you toss those spent shoes right in the trash. 300 million pairs of sneakers end up in landfills each year. It takes twenty-five to a thousand years for the average shoe to degrade, so your worn-out kicks might still be around long past their prime. 

More durable, longer-lasting shoes could solve a lot of problems for our planet, taking the burden off of future generations. That's why climate-conscious folks are falling in love with hemp-based vegan footwear.

We've created this guide to explain why our 100% hemp vegan sneakers last longer than fast fashion alternatives. Continue reading to learn how your next pair of shoes can help save the Earth.

The Durability of Hemp

Hemp is one of the most durable natural fibers. It comes from a plant in the cannabis family. We use hemp fiber to construct every part of our 100% vegan footwear, from uppers to soles.

You might have even heard the myth that hemp is stronger than steel. In fact, science tells us that it is not a myth at all! The humble hemp fiber came out on top in tensile and compressive strength tests.

That's not to say that hemp is as heavy or bulky as steel. In fact, it's one of Earth's most breathable natural fabrics, which makes it perfect for footwear. Despite its mighty reputation, hemp softens over time without losing any strength, so you can expect your favorite pair of FootHemp shoes to get comfier with age. 

A breathable shoe is only beneficial if it keeps your feet safe from the elements. Luckily, durable hemp will keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It has natural thermo-regulating qualities, similar to fabric like linen. 

All that to say, your vegan hemp shoes will start out strong and won't break down due to moisture. If they get wet, their anti-mold and mildew properties will ensure they keep looking and smelling fresh. Hemp is even UV-resistant, so you can rock your planet-friendly kicks, rain or shine. 

The Sustainability of Hemp

Your FootHemp vegan shoes will hold up throughout the seasons. That's excellent news for conscientious consumers like you, who won't have to continually purchase fast-fashion sneakers made of flimsy, often harmful materials. When you dispose of those shoes, the component parts end up in landfills, where they won't break down for hundreds or thousands of years.

Thus, not only is your hemp-based sustainable footwear saving the lives of animals, it could contribute to saving the lives of entire ecosystems. It can be easy to forget that humans are part of those ecosystems, too. When our sealife ingests plastic-based materials (such as those used in the soles of many commercial, mass-produced sneakers), those materials enter our food and water sources. 

You might wonder about sneakers made from other vegan natural materials, such as cotton. While cotton is undoubtedly friendlier than leather textiles, it also requires an exorbitant amount of resources to grow. It's a thirsty, slower-growing plant that takes up considerably more space.

Hemp, on the other hand, is desperate to grow! It proliferates rapidly, even without a lot of water or space. It replaces itself efficiently with limited natural resources, making it more sustainable than most other organic fibers.

Manufacturers can use even the most sustainable materials in irresponsible ways, however. Look at fast-growing fibers like bamboo, which require abrasive chemical processing involving toxic industrial waste. Likewise, vegan leather is plastic and petroleum-based, so it will eventually harm animals down the line.

When you buy hemp footwear from FootHemp, you won't need to worry. You can be sure we crafted your kicks using eco-friendly, sustainable manufacturing practices.

The Practicality of Hemp

In the age of TikTok and Instagram, the world of "fast fashion" is moving faster than ever. Trends come and go in a matter of weeks. A durable pair of vegan footwear may last a long time, but will you be able to wear them a year from now without seeming out of touch?

Hemp grows in natural, neutral colors, ranging from creamy white to green. Though its absorbent qualities mean it takes dye easily, it doesn't need much help to achieve evergreen style status. Our men's and women's hemp shoes come in versatile shades like cream, khaki, and blue, so they'll match any outfit. 

Furthermore, we offer styles and silhouettes you can find from more mainstream, less sustainable sneaker brands. Sanuk hemp shoes and Vans hemp shoes might use sustainable materials, but our hemp sole shoes use more renewable materials. Our three styles, Haze, Widow, and Kush, are 100% hemp from sole to laces, so you don't have to worry about harming the Earth.

Needless to say, our hemp skateboarding shoes and high tops will get you through many seasons of mercurial fashion trends. These styles have become timeless for a reason. We don't think they're going anywhere!

Vegan Footwear That Lasts

You chose vegan footwear because you care about animals, but durability and sustainability are about more than ethics. Ultimately, shoes made out of hemp are kinder, greener, and won't ever see the inside of a landfill. When you shop FootHemp, you choose long-lasting products that will ensure our planet remains durable, too. 

Are you ready to buy a pair of hemp-based vegan sneakers that will last? Browse all our styles in the FootHemp online store. Being kind to the planet has never looked this good.