Kush - Men's
Kush - Men's
Kush - Men's
Kush - Men's

Kush - Men's




First-ever Hemp Shoes with CBD Insoles that Last Long

Hemp is long been used since 2800 BC because of its hard nature. FootHemp uses industrial hemp fiber to make Footwear for men. We are not the first one to do so but we are the only one who gives complimentary CBD insoles. Our CBD insole patent is pending.

Hemp fiber has many additional benefits its environment friendly, has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, has water-repelling properties, etc. Our hemp shoes for men are sustainably made, and no natural resources were depleted during the production of our hemp shoes.

You can keep your shoes on your feet all day long, as it is relaxing and comfortable without an itchy feeling. Hemp gel will provide relief to your feet and ankles if you are suffering from chronic joint or muscle pain.

Product Details

‘Kush’ is a loafer type of shoe for men. Made from 100% hemp fiber. Below are some of the features of our product.

  • Environment friendly
  • CBD insole
  • Hemp fiber
  • Lightweight
  • Odor resistance
  • Moisture resistance
  • Hemp Gel


Kush’ a men's shoe comes in two colors ‘cream’ and ‘khaki’ it's also one and only drawback of using hemp fiber. It is limited in terms of colors. But don’t worry further features might want you to have one for yourself.

Environment friendly

The use of hemp fiber makes ‘Kush’ a vegan shoe. Unlike shoes that are made of synthetic fibers, plastic, or leather.

CBD Insoles

The CBD insole present on our shoe contains microcapsules of CBD, and microcapsules bursts when exposed to pressure and provide a cooling effect and relief to your tired feet. It reaches its maximum dosage in 4 hours. 7 hours when you are wearing socks.

Hemp Fiber

Using hemp fiber itself has lots of benefits, it has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is biodegradable and recyclable fiber, contains high strength, and woven fibers are porous which helps our feet to breathe and keeps the inside of the shoe ventilated.


‘Kush’ is made from industrial hemp which makes it flexible and lightweight. You won’t feel that you are caring a burden in your legs. Instead, you will be carrying a companion.

Odor Resistance

In most shoes after extended use, the shoe starts releasing a foul smell that is unbearable, it needs a wash. Our mens hemp shoes are odor resistant. It has non-adhesive properties provides that keep sweat and wetness away from shoes and it feels like it is new every time you wear it.

Moisture Resistance

Woven hemp fiber traps moisture between its pores, which aids proper air circulation. It keeps your feet cool during the hot summer.

Hemp Gel

Hemp gel in our hemp shoes provides relief to the muscles and joints present in your feet. It also relaxes your feet from chronic pain in your ankle.

Insole subscription service

FootHemp provides the world's first insole subscription service. To claim your 10% off on your insoles you just have to sign in to our e-mail. Signing in to our e-mail has other benefits, you will receive our newspaper, blogs, product updates, or announcement of new products.

We use your information to improve our services and to keep you updated with our new products and services. If you find these messages irritating, you can unsubscribe at any time you want.

Shipping service

  • We deliver our products throughout the world. If your grand sum is above $130 we will deliver your shoes at your footsteps for free.
  • We offer free delivery service all over the US.
  • Please give us 2-3 working days to send you a confirmation email for your product.

Return policy

  • Though it is highly unlikely if due to any reason you don’t like what you got. We give a 60-day return policy.

Email us at the contact us page on our website with your issue with the product, and after confirming we will refund your money.

Every pair of FootHemp shoes comes with our Patent Pending CBD Insoles!

Naturally antibacterial




Insole Subscription Service

The world's 1st and only CBD Insole Subscription Service! Subscribe and save 10% on your insoles.

Free Shipping

We are proud to offer fast and free shipping to all of the USA with every purchase.

60 Day Returns

If you are not happy with your hemp products, you have 60 days to contact us for an exchange.


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