Is hemp eco-friendly?

Absolutely! Hemp is a fast-growing crop that requires minimal water, pesticides, and herbicides compared to traditional materials like cotton. It also helps improve soil health.

Are hemp shoes biodegradable?

Yes, hemp is a natural fiber and will decompose much faster than synthetic materials used in conventional shoes.

How comfortable are FootHemp shoes?

Hemp fibers are naturally breathable and moisture-wicking, keeping your feet cool and dry. Additionally, hemp softens with wear, conforming to your foot shape for a comfortable fit.

Are FootHemp shoes durable?

Hemp fibers are surprisingly strong and resilient. While break-in time may vary, well-made hemp shoes can last for years.

Are FootHemp shoes vegan?

Yes, hemp is a plant-based material, making it a great choice for vegans and those who prefer animal-free products.  FootHemp shoes are fully vegan!

Do FootHemp shoes have any odor-resistant properties?

Hemp fabric and our HempGel provide an instant cooling effect while at the same time providing natural antibacterial effect to manage foot odor. Go sock-less!  Because we use 100% hemp the texture can feel rough at first but once broken in you can go sock free with no worries!


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