Hemp Sole Shoes

The Environmental Benefits of Hemp Sole Shoes

The value of the hemp industry in the United States is over $700 million. As we learn more and more about this amazing plant, we're starting to find more ways to apply it in manufacturing products. 

We know that hemp has been used to make rope for decades, but now this super plant is moving into the realm of clothing and footwear. You may never have heard of hemp sole shoes, but you're going to want to buy a pair after reading this article. 

If you're looking for your next pair of vegan, ethically produced, and environmentally friendly shoes, then stick with this article.  

What are Hemp Sole Shoes?

Traditionally, shoes are made of either synthetic or highly processed materials like plastics, rubbers, nylons, or leather. These materials are not sustainable and it's become clear in recent years that an alternative material for shoes is needed.

That's where hemp comes in. Vegan, sustainable, natural, and environmentally friendly, hemp sole shoes are the future of footwear. Hemp is no longer just for making things like rope, it can be used to make stylish (and more importantly ethical) footwear and clothing. 

Hemp clothing has been around for a while now, but it's just starting to boom in popularity and vegan footwear is becoming more and more accessible every day. 

Benefits of Hemp Sole Shoes

You might be wondering what all the buzz is about when it comes to hemp sole shoes. We'll give you a pass as hemp footwear has only recently blown up in popularity. 

Here are the top reasons to go for hemp shoes the next time you need a pair of kicks. 

Natural and Sustainable

Hemp is an absolutely wonderful plant. Hemp is one of the cheapest and easiest crops to grow in the world. It requires very little water and grows quickly, meaning hemp shoe manufacturers can make an abundance of products in a short amount of time. 

Hemp is also tough, very tough. It's resistant to UV damage, and it is not susceptible to mold whilst it is growing. Hemp is often grown without any pesticides or aids as the plant just naturally loves to grow. 

It really is the perfect crop for manufacturing, as it causes almost no damage to the environment it grows in. 


We don't believe in throw-aways or fast fashion, we should be living in a regenerative world. Traditional shoe-making materials, especially plastics, are not regenerative at all. Once you've used them, they're gone, and you're going to have to make more from scratch. 

That's not the case at all when it comes to hemp. For every hemp plant that is harvested to make shoes, another can be planted almost straightaway, leaving no net loss of plants of materials in the manufacturing process. 

You can walk around worry-free in your hemp sole shoes, knowing that you've contributed to a sustainable and regenerative industry that isn't sending harmful materials out into the world. 


As we're sure you know, plastics and rubbers aren't biodegradable. When you're done with sneakers and other shoes made of more common shoe-making materials, they're just going to go to landfill and contribute to the ongoing plastic crises around the world. 

That's not the case at all when it comes to hemp. Because it is a 100% natural product, when you discard a hemp shoe, it is going to break down and biodegrade over time.

Every single item that you can spare from going to landfill is going to help combat the climate crisis. Fashion doesn't have to be harmful anymore, there are plenty of options out there, and hemp is one of the very best. 


Hemp is also incredibly strong. There's a reason that for most of its commercial history hemp was used to make strong ropes and twines for fishermen and other industries. When crafted well, hemp products are super durable and able to withstand any task you them up to. 

Think about which part of your body bares the brunt of your day. That's right; it's your feet. Your feet carry you through every single day, and you need to make sure that your shoes are made of tough stuff that can handle the rigors of everyday life. 

Yep, that's hemp. Your hemp sole shoes are going to last you a long time. Their durability will save you money, time, and the guilt of having to throw out shoes once a year. 

Why You Should Avoid More Traditional Shoe Materials

Globally, apparel and footwear industries that manufacture their products with more common materials like plastic and rubber account for roughly 8% of global greenhouse emissions. 

We know that it's hard to be completely carbon neutral in the world that we live in, but there are areas where the choices you make can directly impact the health and future of the planet. 

By making the choice to shy away from plastic, rubber, and leather for your shoes and embracing the amazing benefits of hemp, you can sleep soundly at night, knowing your fashion choices aren't harming the environment. 

Also, especially when it comes to shying away from leather shoes, you can know that nothing has died just to provide you with footwear. The leather trade is outdated, and we have moved on from the need for it. 

Get Your New Hemp Sole Shoes Today

Hemp sounds amazing, doesn't it? Why wouldn't you want to buy a pair of shoes that are made of a sustainable, easy-to-grow, biodegradable material? Not only will your new shoes look amazing, but they'll also be helping the planet immensely. 

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