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What is Hemp and Is It Sustainable?

Hemp - it's a word you've probably heard about a lot these days, both as a wonder food and a wonder product. Manufacturers are using hemp in more products than ever, and there's a huge consumer market for it. 

The discovery of hemp dates all the way back to 2800 BCE in China.  

What is hemp? Is it sustainable? We answer these and other questions in the article below. 

What Is Hemp?

Hemp is a classification of the cannabis sativa plant. It is characterized by being planted and cultivated for industrial, medicinal, and other such uses. 

This is a functional plant that humans have used for much of recorded history, and we continue to find new and different value from it. 

Is Hemp Sustainable?

Sustainability is a hot-button issue today. People are looking for ways to save the planet by reducing their environmental impact. 

Hemp is a plant that allows you to do this because it is 100% sustainable. There are plenty of eco-friendly benefits to using this plant, including the following:

Hemp Is Carbon Negative

If you're trying to lower the damage to create to the environment, always start with your carbon footprint. One of the main reasons that hemp is sustainable is that it is a carbon-negative plant that absorbs more carbon than it emits. 

This works out because there are several uses for hemp that replace other environmentally harmful substances. For example, hemp has been used for years to make paper, notebooks, and similar materials. While hemp is sustainable, traditional paper is responsible for 33% of municipal waste in the United States. 

Hemp Is a Viable Fuel Source

When you think about the biggest pollutants on the planet, fuel sources like oil and gasoline often make the list. Hemp is a sustainable fuel source that gets many of the same results without the same environmental impact. 

Hemp biofuel is plant-based and is far cleaner to produce. It also uses less water and uses the entire plant with no waste. Companies see a lot of potential in hemp as a fuel source that can eventually replace crude oil and other forms of dirty energy. 

The Hemp Plant Grows Sustainably

Another reason that hemp is eco-friendly is that it takes up less space to grow. You don't need sprawling farms to grow hemp, and it can easily be grown indoors or outdoors. Hemp uses less water to grow, is better for the soil, and doesn't use as much water. 

These matters make this wonder plant a sustainability powerhouse. 

What Are Some Hemp Products to Try?

Now that you know just how sustainable the hemp plant is, you can take part in this by looking into some hemp products. Thankfully, hemp is one of the most versatile plants on the planet, so you don't need to look very far. 

Here are some of the products that people are beginning to use:

Shoes Made From Hemp

Hemp shoes are manufactured every bit as durably as other shoes without using animal products or precious resources. They are sustainably made and cultivated to the highest standard. 

You can buy a nice pair of hemp shoes that are both eco-friendly and stylish. These vegan shoes are also infused with cannabidiol (CBD) insoles, which absorb into the skin so that you can experience the therapeutic benefits of the plant. 

You don't have to sacrifice your fashion sense, since these shoes are made in a variety of styles and colors that you will appreciate. 

Hemp Beauty and Hygiene Products

You can also switch to hemp with your beauty and hygiene products. Companies today are harnessing the sustainable benefits of hemp and creating makeup, balms, lotion, facial washes, and so much more. 

These plant-based products don't contain the harsh chemicals that damage your skin and strip away its natural moisture. In fact, they infuse your skin with moisture and vitality so that you can enjoy anti-aging, rejuvenating qualities. 

It's safer, doesn't irritate your skin, and allows you to look and feel your absolute best with little impact to the environment. 

Hemp Food Products and Supplements

Plenty of companies are also manufacturing hemp food products and supplements that are great for your health and wellness. In addition to being sustainably grown, the hemp plant is one of the healthiest that you can consume. 

There are several health benefits of hemp, such as:

  • An excellent source of protein and fiber
  • Heart health benefits and the ability to lower your blood pressure
  • Neuroprotective qualities and brain health benefits
  • It helps you to control your blood sugar levels
  • Packed with plenty of vitamins and micronutrients
  • It's great for your digestive health
  • Hemp is a low-calorie food that can even improve your skin's natural glow

Most of all, it is sustainably manufactured and doesn't contain hormones or any other additives found in so many food products today. You can enjoy hemp in its raw form or you may choose to pick up a hemp-based supplement that can give you the same results. 

Join the Hemp Revolution

As you can see, the hemp revolution is here to stay. Now that you know the answer to the question, "What is hemp?", you can begin enjoying these benefits in your life. 

It's a sustainable plant that protects the environment and we're just starting to scratch the surface of its potential. 

FootHemp can help you get started. If you're ready to learn more, send us a message and shop our inventory of products.