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7 Tips for Styling Hemp Shoes for Men

Hemp textiles have been in use for millennia, originating in Ancient China and Japan. Legend has it that samurai warriors fended off opponents while wearing super-strong hemp armor.

Yet hemp fabric is not just popular for its cool history and strength. It also provides benefits like UV protection, bacteria resistance, and silky softness. This is not even to mention hemp's eco-friendliness.

Manufacturers can use hemp to design just about anything. One of the more popular options today is hemp shoes for men. Hemp sneakers are incredibly durable, comfy, and breathable, perfect for your summer wardrobe.

But what are the best ways to style these sustainable shoes? We offer you seven of our best styling tips in this post, so keep reading to find out.

1. Style a Full Hemp Outfit

Sneakers are not the only trend in hemp apparel. Environmentally-conscious outfitters also provide hemp t-shirts, sweaters, and accessories like belts and backpacks.

That's why our first tip is to pair all your hemp items together. Throw on a hemp graphic tee, jeans, and a hemp belt with a pair of our hemp sneakers in the summer.

Go for a chunky knit sweater during cooler months. Switch out your low-tops for a higher sneaker shaft and pair them with chunky socks to keep out the chill in style.

2. Take Inspiration From Hippie Clothing

Do you think of yourself as a modern hippie? If so, this styling tip is for you. Hippies are known for their loose and comfy clothing, which typically consisted of natural fibers like cotton.

Hippies also rocked hemp-fiber clothing. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 banned the use of hemp in the US. But hippies, with their counterculture ways, continued to use this sustainable fabric in their apparel.

To get the look, style a pair of loose-fit cotton trousers with a flimsy hemp tee. Add a rope or natural stone necklace and a pair of low-top hemp sneakers for a throwback to the 1970s.

3. Steal Ideas from Skaters

The '90s were a heyday for skaters of all kinds. Today, this style is coming back into fashion. There has never been a better time to incorporate skater staples into your closet.

When styling skater-inspired outfits, think oversized tees and baggy jeans. Go for shoe options like classic skate sneakers, as these are a must-have for this look. They feature thin, flat soles with solid grip and either low- or high-top shafts.

Style your skater garb with an oversized graphic t-shirt and a pair of baggy cargo shorts that hit just below the knee. Add a flannel or a shacket and a trucker hat. Finish off the look with our Haze hemp skateboarding shoes.

4. Wear All Neutrals

Neutral-colored outfits were all the rage a few years ago. Though they have gone out of style for some, neutral clothing is a way of life for many. If that sounds like your style, this tip is for you.

Hemp textiles are extremely easy to dye. But they look their best in natural colors like brown and tan. That makes men's hemp shoes easy to wear with all your buff-colored clothing.

We recommend styling a tan or brown crochet shirt over an off-white tank top. Add a pair of natural linen trousers and our tan Widow high-tops for a casual outfit that looks and feels cool.

5. Dress Them up for Business Casual

Figuring out what to wear to work during the summer is a major feat. You have to choose something that looks professional enough. But it must also keep you cool if you live somewhere with a warmer climate.

Hemp shoes are the perfect footwear for all your warm-weather business casual looks. They are highly breathable and odor-resistant. Plus, when you go with a style like our Kush skimmers, your shoes will be work-appropriate.

Pair your hemp business casual sneakers with a short sleeve button-down and chinos or khakis. Throw a lightweight blazer or business casual jacket over your shoulders just in case it gets cold in the office.

6. Dress Them up for Date Night

Sneakers used to sit solidly within the casual category. But with fashion becoming increasingly relaxed these days, it is not uncommon to see sneakers in more formal settings.

One of our favorite ways to dress up hemp sneakers is for date night. If you're heading somewhere fancy, pair your tennis shoes with a relaxed suit. Replace your button-down shirt with a solid-colored tee for a laid-back look.

For a more casual date night, throw on a pair of black jeans and a black tank. Top off the look with a lightweight overshirt and your hemp shoes. This outfit is perfect for everything from drinks to casual dinners.

7. Add a Pair of Hemp Insoles for All-Day Comfort

Planning to do a lot of walking in your hemp shoes? Whether you are attending a festival or taking a Eurotrip, you can make your shoes more comfortable for all-day wear with a pair of hemp insoles.

At FootHemp, we don't just specialize in hemp shoes for men. We also offer CBD insoles, which offer incredible benefits for your feet, especially for a long day of walking.

Plus, these insoles are naturally antibacterial. That means you can rock your hemp sneakers sans socks without having to stress about stinky or sweaty feet.

FootHemp Is Your Source for Hemp Shoes for Men

Hemp footwear is a sustainable, stylish, and comfortable choice for men. Use these seven styling tips to start rocking your new hemp sneakers on the streets, at work, or wherever else life takes you.

Are you searching for a pair of hemp sneakers to add to your collection? FootHemp is a proud maker of hemp shoes for men and women. Shop our hemp shoe styles today to find your perfect pair!