The Benefits of Sustainable Skate Shoes

The Benefits of Sustainable Skate Shoes

If you skate, we don't have to tell you how expensive shoes can be.

According to Skateboarders HQ, you need to replace your shoes every 2-6 months if you skate multiple times per week. Not only does this turn your hobby into a serious expense, but it's extremely harmful to the environment.

With all of the rubber, dye, and leather that goes into making the product, skate shoes are a massive polluter. In fact, the entire clothing industry accounts for 5-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Fortunately, there are sustainable skate shoes available that do everything the big brands do and more. In this post, we're going to examine some of the benefits of hemp skater shoes and sustainable fashion in general. 

You might not think much about the impact your current skate shoes make on the world. Keep reading, and you'll see that this little change can make a massive difference.

Fast Fashion, Big Pollution

When you buy mass-produced skate shoes from big brands, you're helping them contribute to global warming. Huge amounts of pollution occur at every level of the manufacturing process.

It starts with sourcing the materials, whether it's leather, rubber, or plastic. Then you've got the manufacturing of the shoes, which results in outrageous amounts of waste.

The last step is transportation from the factories to the shops. If you're dealing with these large international shoe companies, this ends up being the biggest polluter of all.

You also have to think about how the shoes decompose once you're done with them. Less than 5% of shoes are recycled, and it's closer to 0% with skate shoes because of the beating they take. Once in the landfill, it takes countless years and plenty of energy for shoes to decompose. 

Hemp skater shoes are biodegradable. The hemp that they're made from enriches the soil and grows with minimal amounts of water and fertilizer. 

Keeping Animals Safe

As a society, we're sequestered from having to see how animals are treated as a result of our consumption. Whether it's the chickens being crammed into pens to fuel our fast food addictions or unhappy cows being butchered en masse to make our clothing, not having to see it means we don't think about it.

When you opt for sustainable fashion, you can rest easy knowing that you're not contributing to the poor treatment of animals. Animals are a key part of our ecosystem, but the way that we use them as products creates plenty of ecological turmoil.

Most people simply don't realize that we don't need to wear animals for fashion's sake. Hemp is a durable natural fiber that, in most cases, is more comfortable and attractive than materials derived from animals. Keep animals safe and keep your feet comfortable.

Supporting Smaller Brands

Whether or not you're concerned about animal rights, there's a human element to the mass production of skate shoes as well. Many of the biggest shoe brands in the world exploit cheap labor in poor countries. 

Not only does this feed the status quo that has no interest in ending poverty and putting money in the pockets of rich western corporations, it means the quality of the product is going to be lower. Fast fashion is inextricably linked to unhealthy working conditions, child labor, and long hours.

If you want a high-quality product from a company that respects its employees, smaller brands are the way to go. At FootHemp, we're a small company with three founders and two small offices in Oregon and Spain. Our workers are treated with care, which comes through in our shoes.

Healthy Ingredients

Our shoes are made almost completely with hemp cultivated under the highest standards. These antibacterial vegan shoes for men and women are made of foot-friendly ingredients. Even the soles of our shoes are created with hemp-derived CBD, which is unheard of in the larger shoe market.

If you don't know anything about CBD, it's the non-psychoactive counterpart to the THC found in the cannabis plant. It's also found in the hemp plant, which is where we get ours. CBD has been shown to have mood-boosting and rejuvenating properties.

Our insoles have a coating of CBD on the outside of the fabric. When you walk or skate, you'll basically be micro-dosing CBD, which can help your foot heal more quickly and remove odor.

Options and Value

We're a small company, but we're proud to offer 3 great skate shoe designs for both men and women. The Haze and Kush have a classic skate shoe design, but the former has laces, and the latter is a slip-on. There's also Widow, which is a Converse-like skate shoe with a high ankle.

For a competitive price, you'll get sustainable footwear that stands above most other comparably priced skate shoes. They can also be worn daily due to the careful research, design, and craftsmanship we put into developing the shoe.

Being Part of Change

When you wear your hemp-derived skate shoes to the skate park, you're taking a stand against mass-produced skate shoes that harm the environment and workers. Being part of a movement away from unsustainable clothing is both gratifying and relieving.

Other skateboarders will inevitably see your shoes and ask where you got them. You can tell them about FootHemp and these sustainable shoes that are contributing to a greener fashion industry.

Get Your Sustainable Skate Shoes ASAP

Why wait any longer? Now that you know the benefits of wearing sustainable skate shoes, you can head over to our online shop and order yours ASAP.

While you're there, you can also check out our CBD insoles and wraps, which give you a sustainable way to boost foot health. If you've been suffering aches and pains from skating, these are both great products to try.

To learn more about FootHemp and our sustainable initiatives, don't hesitate to head back to our blog for more informative articles like this one.