Care for Hemp Shoes

How to Properly Care for Hemp Shoes

Did you know that hemp is used for multiple health applications, such as vitamins and medicine? Hemp shoes have also become exceptionally popular as the latest development from the versatile plant. But how do you care for these relatively-fragile shoes without damaging them?

If you're curious about how to care for your organic hemp shoes, we're happy to help. Read on to learn the most important factors in caring for your hemp footwear.

Avoid Messes

One of the first steps is to do your best not to put the shoes into situations that can damage them. The best way to do so is not to wear them somewhere you can guarantee they'll get messy.

For example, are you going to an outdoor music festival? It may be best to wear some hardier shoes, as your footwear is guaranteed to become dirty.

If you're going somewhere wet, like the beach or outdoors, on a rainy day, other shoes may be best. These fabrics are rarely damaged by water, but they're far from waterproof. As such, water on these shoes will soak through to your feet.

On top of being downright uncomfortable, this can also cause skin issues. Knowing where to wear your hemp footwear is the first step to taking proper care of the shoes.

That isn't to say you shouldn't wear them anywhere that isn't sterile. Just keep in mind what hazards the world may present to your shoes before you go.

Treat Hemp Shoes Gently

There's more than messes and dirt that could ruin your shoes. Shoe wear is typically treated rather roughly, particularly in outdoor scenarios. You should consider your destination and activities before deciding to wear hemp footwear.

A good example would be if you're going hiking. Hemp sole shoes are soft and not always the most protective.

Sharp sticks, rocks, or plant matter can ruin the sole of your shoes. Not only will this ruin your shoes, it also poses a health and safety risk to you.

Crowded areas like a concert venue also may pose a poor environment. Dropped drinks, passersby stepping on your shoes, and wear-and-tear may damage your shoes.

If you have a more worn-down pair that you don't mind putting in harm's way, they're fine for these environments. However, if safety is a risk, such as hiking, rock climbing, or running, you should look into other footwear.

Clean Properly

When cleaning shoes, many of us don't put deep thought into the process. You may toss your shoes into the washer, then into the dryer, and slip them on your feet.

With more rugged shoes, this is an acceptable solution. But with more fragile shoes like Vans hemp shoes, you'll ruin your shoes by performing this method.

Instead, you should clean your shoes in cool or cold water. If you're putting them in your washing machine, make sure you're putting the machine on the gentlest cycle possible.

Additionally, make sure you aren't using any harsh chemicals or cleaners. Soft soaps won't damage your shoes, but chemicals like bleach or similar cleaners will ruin them. Others may damage the dye but not ruin the fabric.

A good way to make sure you aren't ruining them is to wash them by hand. Washing them in a basin or tub will let you decide how roughly to clean them. You also won't have to worry about harsh chemicals with this method.

Avoid Heat

One crucial factor in caring for your hemp slip-on shoes is to make sure you're always avoiding heat. Heat in any form is disastrous for your hemp shoes.

High heat will cause the hemp fabric to shrink, making the shoes much too small or uncomfortable. The heat will also damage dyes and fabrics, causing the shoes to unravel or fall apart.

If you're washing your shoes, never use hot water to do so. When outdoors, try to avoid direct sunlight.

Some wearers opt not to wear hemp shoes on exceptionally hot days, such as peak summer temperatures. Others prefer hemp shoes on these days for their breathability. Whichever you prefer, do your best not to expose your shoes to excess heat.

Dry Safely

When dealing with heat, one of the most important things to consider is drying your shoes. Did they get wet from a sudden rainstorm? Are you finishing up your first wash and wondering how to dry them?

The worst thing you can do is toss your shoes into a dryer. The high heat and rough tumbling will ruin your shoes before they're done drying.

Instead, you should air dry them. If you're doing so indoors, hang them somewhere cool and dry, such as a basement or den. It's best to also point a small box fan toward them to ensure good air flow.

If you choose to dry them outside, hang them away from the ground or dirt. Make sure that they aren't in direct sunlight and keep them somewhere with a breeze.

Alternate Footwear

Finally, a good idea is not to use your hemp shoes as your everyday wear shoes. Hemp shoes are long-lasting, but the more wear and tear you put on them, the quicker they'll fade.

You should have another pair of shoes that you use for some activities. Yard work, long walks, or anything that could make your shoes dirty should be left for these other sneakers. Save softer and safer tasks for your hemp shoes.

Making Your Hemp Shoes Last

Hemp shoes are somewhat fragile and require special care, but you don't need to worry about them falling apart on you. Avoid harsh chemicals and heat, and try not to wear them somewhere that will undoubtedly damage them. Keep another pair of shoes around to wear to more hardy, dangerous events instead.

For more information on caring for hemp footwear, be sure to browse our site.