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What Are Vegan Sneakers for Women?

If every person in the world did their part by making vegan, green, sustainable choices, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about the state of the environment right now.

But you can’t worry about or change other people’s choices or opinions. 

All you have control over are your choices and purchase decisions. One way you can contribute to protecting animal rights and living a vegan lifestyle is by purchasing vegan sneakers in women’s styles. Read on to find out more about what are vegan sneakers and how they differ from non-vegan sneakers. 

What Are Vegan Sneakers?

So you have decided to live the vegan lifestyle because you are worried about the way animals are treated in factory farms and other settings. Also, you don’t think relying upon animals for sustenance and other items is good for the environment. Whatever anyone else says, you have decided that being vegan is one big thing you can do to give back. 

If you are already eating vegan food, then the next step has to be wearing vegan clothes and vegan sneakers. What does that mean? 

Well, you would wear clothing that isn’t made from animal skin like leather or suede, and if you want to go a step further, you would even eschew all synthetic materials since they aren’t sustainable, wear down fast, and use a lot of water in their production. 

That’s why materials like hemp, cotton, bamboo, and jute are becoming so popular nowadays. If you haven’t ever purchased a vegan item of clothing, you are missing out. 

Vegan sneakers from FootHemp are made of hemp fabric, which is highly sustainable, breathable, anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, and ethically made. This means that you can wear these vegan sneakers (no animals were harmed or used in their production) and feel good about them. 

Another great thing about companies like FootHemp that produce vegan sneakers is that they are all about reducing your footprint on the planet. One way they do this is by offering end-of-life reclamation, that is, they responsibly recycle 100% of each pair of shoes once you are done with them. 

This is the ultimate in sustainability as you can be certain your vegan sneakers aren’t going to sit around in a landfill for decades producing greenhouse gases and polluting the environment. 

Why Vegan Sneakers Over Traditional Ones?

There are many reasons to choose vegan sneakers over traditional ones. The most important is that by using plant-based materials, you can be certain that you aren’t harming innocent animals, like they would be when you purchase leather or suede shoes, for example. 

But even if you aren’t using animal-based products and buying traditional sneakers that are made out of synthetic materials, your environmental impact is still pretty high. Synthetic materials use a lot more water and other resources during the manufacturing process. Also, they are usually produced in factories where child labor and other unethical manufacturing practices are prevalent. 

If you wish to ensure that some child isn’t forced to work to produce your cheap pair of sneakers, then you are better off choosing vegan sneakers from an ethical sustainable company like FootHemp. 

Another big reason to use vegan materials over synthetic ones is that when you are done with a traditional sneaker, you can’t just recycle it. You would probably throw it out into the garbage and from there it would go straight to a landfill where it would sit for centuries before degrading. 

But vegan materials like hemp, cotton, jute, and bamboo are organic and compostable. That is, they will degrade after a few years. 

The Vegan Lifestyle: It’s Not Easy, but You Gotta Start Somewhere

When you are first getting on the vegan lifestyle, it might seem like you are so behind. There is so much you have to change in your daily routine. Not only do you have to change your diet, but also your cosmetics, skincare products, clothing, your transportation habits, and more.

But don’t pressure yourself too much. You can take it slowly. Step by step, you can move into the vegan lifestyle until you will look back at the way you lived previously and do not recognize yourself. 

There are many steps on this journey towards living a sustainable, green, vegan lifestyle, and one of them is to switch over to vegan sneakers ASAP. FootHemp makes many fashionable hemp-based sneakers.

We even infuse the soles of our sneakers with CBD, so you can have daylong cushioning and cooling. They are relaxing on your tired feet. If you walk a lot, then these CBD-infused insoles are going to be your savior. 

And don’t think that you have to give up on style when going for vegan sneakers. It used to be like that back in the day when vegan clothing or items were drab and unfashionable. But nowadays, vegan sneakers are as funky and cool as the Converses that you were used to wearing. 

You can live the vegan lifestyle without giving up on aesthetics. It’s the best of both worlds. 

Vegan Sneakers in Women’s Fashion Are Here

It’s a good time to be alive. You have many more options to choose from when it comes to living a vegan lifestyle. 

If you are wondering if you can switch over to a more sustainable sneaker the next time you go shopping, then wonder no more. With vegan sneakers in women’s styles from FootHemp, you can have all-day fresh feet, powered by plants. Now, how cool is that!?

Check out our catalog for all the trendy vegan sneakers your feet are going to love. FootHemp shoes are for you!