Haze - Women's
Haze - Women's
women's hemp shoes on a beach with clouds
Haze - Women's
Haze - Women's
women's hemp shoes on a beach with clouds

Haze - Women's




Sustainable and Comfortable Hemp Shoes that are Long Lasting

Regular shoes are made with leather, plastic and synthetic fibers. FootHemp replaced this material with industrial Hemp. We understand the demands of people besides the right fit and right size quality material matters for most people. Our wide range of colorful, casual vegan sneakers for women with detailed analysis and planning is super comfortable and made with natural fibers. Our aim is to bring the powerful ingredient hemp back into the lives of everyone.

FootHemp offers lightweight womens hemp shoes for day-to-day use focusing on style with comfort. It creates effective shoes for women to wear full day long without hampering their comfort. Hemp used in shoemaking is of high quality and durable. FootHemp shoes are best for your rough and tough use on a daily basis. The use of hemp makes these shoes breathable and wearable in hot climates. It prevents sweaty and itchy feelings.

Our shoes are made with CBD insole technology. The microcapsules break through friction and release CBD that absorbs through your skin. CBD is a powerful antioxidant and contains calming and relaxing properties. We offer high quality, lower price range and superior quality of features that are completely unique from everyone present in this market. FootHemp shoes allow your feet to cool during summer weather and warm during cool weather. Shoes prevent frequent wear and tear.

Laces- Hemp material and totally recyclable.

Product Details

  • Infused with CBD
  • Breathable and durable hemp fabric
  • Water-resistant
  • Thermoregulatory properties
  • Antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Vegan-friendly and biodegradable
  • Sustainably made and manufactured
  • Best option for sensitive skin
  • Environment friendly
  • HempGel

Only Insoles Infused With CBD!

The material used by Hemp insoles provides all-day comfort with stylish styles. Micro doses of CBD release make your sore and tired feet calm and relaxed. These insoles provide full-day cushioning, moisture absorption and a cooling effect on your tired feet.

Breathable and Durable Hemp Fabric

Hemp is often considered industrial hemp extraordinarily tensile, strong, long-lasting and durable. It is almost more difficult to find durable natural material than Hemp. Hemp is more breathable than cotton material. The interwoven hemp materials tend to pass more air which makes FootHemp more breathable.

Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties

Hemp plants have antibacterial properties. This will keep the fungi and bacteria away from the shoes. This is the best for people who suffer from stinky shoes.

Thermoregulatory Properties

Hemp has natural thermoregulatory properties. Fibers have hollow patterns that allow air to circulate and are suitable for usage in any condition.

Vegan Friendly

Most shoe manufacturers use leather, suede, and wool while making the shoes. FootHemp shoes are vegan-friendly which makes them biodegradable and makes FootHemp an environment-friendly product. Hemp grows quickly and it is beneficial for soil health also. Hemp can be used to make paper, clothing, and textiles. These hemp shoes for women emit very less carbon dioxide and are animal friendly.


The use of HempGel aids in shock absorption and increases durability. Our hemp gel consists of recycled SEBS rubber and hemp fibers help in shock absorption.

Odour Free

While making FootHemp shoes no glues and adhesives are used, making our products smell good.

Water Resistant

The Hemp fiber which we use has hydrophobic fiber that is known for water-resistant properties. They do not absorb the water. This helps in easy shoe cleaning and it can be worn during the rainy season.

Foothemp Shoes Worn Without Socks!

Hemp gel releases a micro amount of CBD. Also, hemp fibers offer odour-free and cooling effects. To get the maximum benefits of CBD from FootHemp shoes it is better to wear them without socks.


  • Although possible, we don't suggest machine washing as it might compromise the waterproofing and damage the fabric's ability to repel liquids and dust. Instead, give them warm water and soap hand wash.

Insole Subscription Services

  • FootHemp provides the world's first and only CBD subscription service. You can subscribe and save 10% on your insoles.

Shipping Policies

  • FootHemp ships worldwide.
  • Delivery takes 2-4 business days depending on your location.
  • Shipping is free on orders above $130.

Return Policies

  • If you are not happy with your product, we have a 60 days exchange policy.

    Every pair of FootHemp shoes comes with our Patent Pending CBD Insoles!

    Naturally antibacterial




    Insole Subscription Service

    The world's 1st and only CBD Insole Subscription Service! Subscribe and save 10% on your insoles.

    Free Shipping

    We are proud to offer fast and free shipping to all of the USA with every purchase.

    60 Day Returns

    If you are not happy with your hemp products, you have 60 days to contact us for an exchange.


    CDB infused insoles in grey color
    CDB infused insoles in grey color

    CBD Insole

    cbd wrap package by foothemp
    cbd wrap package opened by foothemp
    cbd wrapped on foot
    cbd wrap package by foothemp
    cbd wrap package opened by foothemp
    cbd wrapped on foot

    CBD Wrap


    Foothemp Gift Card

    Haze - Men's Hemp Shoes
    Haze - Men's Hemp Shoes
    comfortable hemp shoes on a hiking trail
    Haze - Men's Hemp Shoes
    Haze - Men's Hemp Shoes
    comfortable hemp shoes on a hiking trail

    Haze - Men's



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