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A Guide to Styling Hemp Slip On Shoes

The global market for hemp clothing in 2021 was valued at $2.29 billion; it's projected to grow by 27.1% between now and 2031 making it one of the most desirable clothing trends out there. 

The use of hemp as a wearable product ticks a lot of positive boxes. Products range from hemp slip on shoes, jumpers, sportswear, and accessories. Hemp is eco-friendly and durable, plus with a rise in the trend for veganism, hemp shoes are usually vegan-friendly. 

Not only are hemp shoes cruelty-free and better for the environment, but they are also incredibly stylish too. Shoe styles range from casual right through to dress shoes and everything in between. 

Are you interested in finding your new favorite shoes? Read on and discover how to style hemp slip on shoes for a look that youll love. 

Why Consider Hemp Shoe Options?

If you're looking to buy new shoes, there are several reasons why you should opt for hemp. They have many of the characteristics of traditional leather shoes, but with added benefits overall, making them a better choice.

  • Eco-friendly sustainable material
  • As a natural fiber, unlike synthetics, hemp will eventually decompose 
  • Cruelty-free material
  • Earthing shoe options
  • Hemp is a naturally anti-microbial material
  • Hemp is hypoallergenic, so unlike wool, it won't irritate your skin
  • Breathable
  • Softens with wear
  • Breaks in for a perfect fit
  • Strong and durable
  • Stylish

How to Style Hemp Slip On Shoes

So you're interested in buying shoes made of hemp, but you're not quite sure how to style them. Here are eight easy-to-follow guides on how to use hemp shoes to complete your look.  

Black Slip On Hemp Shoes With White Tee & Black Jogger Pants

This is a simple and classic look that's not only easy to pull off but works for most people, regardless of age and gender. To achieve this look, wear a crisp white t-shirt with a pair of black jogger pants. Choose a fit that complements your body shape and twin this with a casual blazer for a more sophisticated look. For the shoes, wear a pair of black slip-on shoes with a light sole for a casual and stylish look.

Light Grey Slip On Shoes With a Pale Shirt & Jeans

This is a great look for the spring and summer, and again like the previous style, works well on most people regardless of age and gender. 

To create this casual look, use a light-colored long-sleeved linen shirt, and roll up the sleeves. Twin this with a well-fitting pair of white slim-fit jeans. Finish off the outfit with light-colored hemp slip on shoes for a look that works well for summer garden parties. 

Blue Denim Jeans With Blazer & Patterned Slip On Shoes

This is a great look if you want to add more of an edgier personality to your look. This is a more feminine look and works well for a girl's night out. Use a pair of dark blue well-fitted jeans and a bold patterned T-shirt. 

Use a complimentary color pair of slip-on shoes. If you're feeling really bold look for animal prints. Finish the look with a fitted black blazer and some statement jewelry.

Wear With Black Cardigan & Denim Shorts

This is a great look for balmy summer evenings and gives a smarter look to just wearing denim shorts with a hoodie. Using a well-fitted, lightweight black cardigan gives a more feminine look. 

Wear the outfit with black hemp slip on shoes for an easy day-to-night look.

Denim Jacket With Black Shift Dress & Coloured Hemp Shoes

This is a casual and chic outfit that you could wear to the office on casual Fridays. This outfit is styled on a black shift dress with a blue denim jacket.

Pair this with a bright-colored pair of slip-on hemp shoes to give this style a youthful and refreshing look. 

Black Bomber Jacket and Cargo Pants

This look works well for men and women. Twin a black (faux) leather bomber jacket with olive-colored cargo pants. This gives an effortlessly cool look. 

Twin the look with a pair of black slip on hemp shoes to complete the style.

Navy Fitted Shirt and Beige Chinos Combo 

This is an easy smart casual look for guys. Combine a well-fitted navy long-sleeve shirt with beige chinos. Wear the shirt untucked and fully buttoned up to your neck. This gives a casual yet sharp look, especially if you're wearing it with a silver watch.

Finish the look with a pair of light-colored slip-on hemp sneakers. 

Tan Bomber and Charchol Shorts

This easy styling tip is a great look for guys during the summer It's stylish yet relaxed. Use charcoal or navy-colored shorts with a light-colored shirt. You could opt for a short with a subtly striped pattern to complement the shorts. 

Finish the look with a tan or light brown bomber jacket. Add a white pair of slip-on hemp sneakers to complete this outfit. 

How to Maintain Your Shoes

We already mentioned at the start how durable and string hemp shoes are. These looks all work well with hemp shoes, and with a little bit of care, your shoes will last a long time, allowing you to effortlessly recreate these looks again and again. You can read more about caring for hemp shoes here, but this is a short list of key things to remember;

  • Routinely remove any surface dirt
  • Wash off stains as soon as you notice them
  • Hand wash your shoes only
  • Use baking soda with mild detergent and a toothbrush to stop the soles from discoloring

Which Style Are You Going to Try?

Looking for more ideas and inspiration about hemp slip on shoes? Discover more great resources about different styles available, taking care of your shoes, and the latest trends in hemp footwear for men and women.

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