What are Vegan Shoes Made Of?

What are Vegan Shoes Made Of?

For a lot of people, going vegan isn't just about the food. It's a lifestyle choice focused on diminishing the environmental impact of humankind and sparing animals unnecessary suffering.

One of the most common vegan options is shoes made out of hemp. Some major brands have even jumped onto the trend, such as VANS hemp shoes and Sanuk hemp shoes. But what makes these shoes a good alternative to more traditional footwear?

Here's what men's and women's vegan sneakers are made of and why you should buy some. 

Vegan Shoe Materials

Shoes made from hemp are a common vegan option for good reason. It's arguably the most sustainable natural fiber and stronger than the others. 

Hemp earthing shoes help enable the flow of electrons from the earth into your body. You can even infuse hemp soles with CBD for better odor control. 

Vegan shoes can also be found made up of materials such as canvas, cork fabric, cotton, polyester, and more. They all have their own individual benefits. Some are more affordable, while others offer more durability. 

Environmental Impact

What most people don't realize is that the clothes you wear aren't always produced in a way that is sustainable. Various chemicals get used that negatively impact the environment and add to pollution. 

Leather, in particular, requires massive amounts of energy and dangerous chemicals. In addition, raising animals to turn them into leather uses up a lot of water and empty land—land that was previously home to a variety of wildlife and plants. 

Hemp is one of the least harmful crops to grow. It requires little water and actually improves the soil it grows in rather than stripping it. Since it's a natural textile fabric, it's also biodegradable. 

Women's Vegan Sneakers Lifespan

One reason people may stray away from vegan sneakers is their lifespan. Leather has long been renowned for its toughness and ability to last a long time without tearing or breaking apart. How long your shoes last depends on the material that makes them vegan.

For example, hemp shoes for men and hemp shoes for women may last longer than your average shoe. The material is about six times stronger than steel. Meanwhile, vegan leather clothing articles only last up to five years maximum. 

Another thing to consider is that women's hemp shoes get softer with age, meaning they'll fit better over time. Hemp skateboarding shoes will likely stand up to more abuse than some of the mainstream brand names. 

Choose Hemp Shoes

Women's vegan sneakers are a good alternative if you want shoes that don't harm the environment or aren't made out of animal parts. In particular, organic hemp shoes are much more sustainable and won't break down after just a few wears. Hemp shoes for men's fashion can also work as a statement piece. 

FootHemp is one such brand that is dedicated to providing sustainable and high-quality shoes for our customers. We have hemp shoes, CBD insoles, and CBD wraps available for purchase. Check out our stock online and contact us if you have any questions.