shoes made from hemp

Why You Should Be Wearing Shoes Made From Hemp

As hemp's benefits gain popularity and awareness, the global market could hit $18.6 billion by 2027.

Hemp is one of the most sustainable materials on Earth. It requires very little water to grow, and it doesn't need any pesticides or fertilizers. Hemp can help to improve soil quality!

Hemp is a natural fiber that is strong, durable, and breathable. It also has antibacterial properties, which can help prevent bacteria and fungi growth on your feet. For these reasons, shoes made from hemp make a great option.

Curious to know what other reasons you may want to wear hemp shoes? Read our guide below to gain some knowledge.


Hemp is a sustainable material that requires very little water to grow. It also doesn't need any pesticides or fertilizers, which makes it a great choice for people who are concerned about the environment.

Hemp is a bio-degradable material, meaning that it will break down naturally in the environment when it is no longer needed. This contrasts with many other materials used to make shoes, such as leather, which can take hundreds of years to decompose.

Hemp is also a renewable resource. This means that it can be grown and harvested without harming the environment.

Hemp is a very hardy plant that can grow in various climates. It does not require much water or fertilizer, and it is resistant to pests and diseases. This makes the production of hemp shoes very sustainable.


Shoes made from hemp are strong and durable and will last for years. This makes them a great investment for your wardrobe.

Hemp is also a very flexible material, which allows it to move with your foot and provide a comfortable fit. This natural fiber is stronger than cotton, wool, and even steel.


Hemp is a breathable material that will keep your feet cool and comfortable, even when you're wearing them for long periods.

This is because hemp is a natural fiber that allows air to circulate freely. This helps to prevent your feet from sweating and developing an odor.


Hemp contains a natural compound called CBD, which has antibacterial properties. Hemp has natural antibacterial properties that prevent the development of foot odor and other problems.


Shoes made from hemp are soft and comfortable. They feel great against the skin and are very flexible, allowing your feet to move freely.

Hemp fibers will also keep your feet cool and dry.


Hemp shoes come in a variety of styles to suit your taste. You can find hemp shoes that are casual, dressy or anything in between. Hemp fibers can be dyed in a variety of hues, meaning you can find a shoe that matches your style and preferences.

Natural Temperature Regulator

Wearing hemp clothing like shoes will act as a natural temperature regulator too. Shoes made from hemp will keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Hemp fibers are lightweight, which can make hemp shoes more comfortable to wear for extended periods, especially if you're doing a lot of walking or standing.


Hemp is a hypoallergenic material. This makes it a good choice for people with sensitive skin as it's unlikely to cause allergic reactions.

Flame Retardant

Hemp is a flame-retardant material. This makes it a safe choice for people who are concerned about fire hazards.


Hemp is a UV-resistant material. This means that it will not fade or discolor in the sun.


Most people think of veganism as the food that you eat, but what about the shoes on your feet? Hemp is a vegan material. This means that it is not made from any animal products.

Vegans can now feel good as they go about their daily activities knowing that no animals were harmed in the process.

Fair Trade

Hemp is also a fair trade material. People who grow and harvest hemp are paid a fair wage for their work. You can now feel good while making an impact on farmers around the world.


Hemp fibers are biodegradable and won't contribute to landfill waste. So, when your hemp sneakers eventually wear out, you can dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

This makes hemp way more of a sustainable option than synthetic materials like polyester.

Natural Insect-Repellent

Shoes made from hemp are natural insect-repellent. So, when you're going on a hike you'll be less likely to attract insects such as mosquitos and ticks.

Mold and Mildew Resistant

Hemp fibers are a natural mold and mildew-resistant material. Your hemp shoes will be less likely to develop mold and mildew when exposed to moisture.

Low Carbon Footprint

Hemp shoes are also often produced in smaller batches, reducing the overall environmental impact of the manufacturing process. Smaller production runs allow for more precise production planning and less waste, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

Where to Buy Shoes Made From Hemp

Shoes made from hemp are a great choice for people who are looking for comfortable, stylish, sustainable, and safe shoes. Hemp is a natural material with many benefits, including being breathable, durable, antibacterial, and comfortable. Hemp shoes are also available in a variety of styles, so you can find a pair that suits your taste.

Are you ready to look good and feel good on your feet? Whether it's for style, comfort, or want to make an environmental impact, you can't go wrong. Check out our hemp shoes at FootHemp.